College Gurl Workshops

College Gurl motivates and educates audiences around the country in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, professional development, and motivational speaking. Her unique approach creates a world of opportunity for all to create a life of economic stability, generational wealth, and financial freedom. These series of workshops are conducted in-person and virtually as College Gurl is committed to preparing, empowering, and equipping people with tools, skills, and resources necessary to develop themselves as a brand and compete in the global job market. By booking College Gurl for your next event, you will be able to cultivate an environment that continues to accelerate instruction, inspire, and create the next generation of leaders.

Financial Aid Consulting
With College Gurl's ten years of professional experience within higher education and financial aid, she has the solution to institutions biggest challenges. The financial aid and student experience workshop will ensure institutional staff understand tools, resources, and technology that increases enrollment, retain current students, increases financial stability for the institution, and student experience.
College Cent$
College Cents$, helps students and their families develop solid, realistic strategies for financing college to increase financial literacy and obtain financial freedom post-graduation. Since student loan debt is more than credit card debt, it is imperative to understand how to navigate the pitfalls of costly mistakes and scams. This seminar ensures people understand how to make the best-informed decisions around financing a college education. Attendees will learn how to complete the FAFSA, CSS profile, and college applications. Additionally, learn about resources, programs, policies, and strategies to develop a financial plan that realistically meets their circumstances. Resource: How to Pay for College When You're Broke.
Entrepreneurship: Create Your Own Destiny
The only way to control your destiny, is to create it! Currently, minorities own about 20% of all U.S. businesses, accounting for $591 billion in revenue. Students are privy to education, public service, business, and innovative thinking that reflects their dreams and life experiences. Entrepreneurship education can introduce students to the steps, tools, resources, and information needed to create a small business. Since the development of small business can create generational wealth and economic mobility, it is vital to provide a roadmap for students to understand how to create a successful business.
Leadership Development: Discover the Leader in You
Discover the Leader in You, is designed to learn public speaking, critical-thinking, confidence building, and collaboration skills that will help uncover talents. Through this workshop, students will explore a variety of areas in leadership to prepare them for current or future leadership roles.
Your Network is Your Networth!
Your Network is Your Networth, highlights the importance of networking for business and personal endeavors. Students will understand the keys to professional success by learning how to effectively build relationships, visibility, and communication skills. During the seminar, students will be able to identify their network, evaluate their elevator pitch, develop business etiquette, and learn the importance of following-up. Additionally, create LinkedIn profiles and receive professional headshots. The benefit of this series will ensure participants develop new habits to understand that effective networking will build confidence, exposure, and future opportunities.
Non-Profit: In Truth and Service
In Truth and Service, is designed to create a legacy of philanthropy. Attendees will understand the difference and benefits of a non-profit versus a traditional business. Additionally, learn how to attract donors, volunteers, and community involvement. Since nonprofits are developed for charitable causes to build stronger communities, participants will learn how how to establish a non-profit that benefits communities in truth and service.
Keynote Speaker
Conferences, Graduations and Special Events
College Gurl implement strategies for companies to receive media attention and consumer awareness
Education Reporter
College Gurl advocates for education and youth on international news platforms
Social Influencer
College Gurl represents corporations to increase brand awareness

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